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BOXOCHOPS is a North Dallas based family-owned business that started in 2018 when Co-Owner & Founder Vivian set out to find tasty Nigerian style small chops in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. A fan favorite at African events, Small chops come in various forms and include puff puff, a traditional sweet or savory fried dough, snack size pastries, and savory meats seasoned with peppers and fiery spices.

Realizing how difficult it was to find delicious, contemporary, quality, authentic Nigerian food, she worked with her mom, a catering vetran of over 30 years, drawing on the diverse roots of Nigerian cuisine to create modern renditions of authentic specialities. She pulled in her sisters and they worked to perfect the recipes. She shared the curated boxes with friends and family, who kept asking her to make it official and in 2020, BOXOCHOPS was born.

Vivianfrom Vivian – Co-Owner & CEO

Today BOXOCHOPS operates out of a kitchen near Frisco, Texas serving the DFW community with home orders, social and corporate events with a mission to share the goodness of authentic Nigerian smallchops with the world.

In Nigeria, we have a saying "CHOP LIFE" which means to enjoy the best life has to offer. With BOXOCHOPS, we hope you’ll join us in this culinary experience.



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